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Recently, I read Rabobank’s report on the outlook of the beverage industry for this year. It was bleak at best, with several factors such as economic uncertainty, increased commodity costs, and sluggish growth in emerging markets contributing to a dreary year. Irrespective of cloudy projections, Team Liquid welcomes you to 2013, dear readers, with our issue brimming with hope. Liquid celebrates its seventh anniversary this year, and while it’s nice to look back and reminisce, we’re looking forward to a future we’re determined to shape.

No offence to numbers, but the beverage industry will beat the storm. Our optimism arises from the fact that in spite of the slowdown, and of course, the bane of taxes, India’s spirit consumption is in upward motion, and this growth is not just expected to hold but increase.

Our cover story gives you a detailed insight into the Indian whisky market—the largest market in the world that’s ever-increasing.

We then take a microscopic view of wines—Robin Khanna, founder of Bordeaux Traders, gives us a cellar’s view about wine investments; we introduce you to Hunter Valley, one of Australia’s best-known wine regions; and finally, Magandeep Singh, one of India’s first sommeliers lists 11 wines that left a lasting impression on him in 2012.

Staying with the upswing, Liquid presents the craft beer business—an industry that has been growing at an average of 12 per cent a year, globally. The business is still at a very nascent stage in India; however, if the growing number of microbreweries in the country is anything to go by, we have much to look forward to. Gurgaon-based Lemp Brewpub and Kitchen seem to have struck the balance so far, and Liquid went into the brewery to explore the beer and the all-important licences.

We then get down to the basics and present a report from the International Wine and Spirits Research (IWSR) that demarcated the Indian beverage market.

As always, Liquid delivers the undelivered, and we thank you for accompanying us on our journey over the last seven years. As we enter a new year with newer possibilities and endless opportunities, Liquid is raring to surge forth and explore an action-packed year with you.


Managing Editor

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